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Local Project: "Gender Mainstreaming in Decision-Making Processes"

An expertise "Does gender mainstreaming improve women's NGOs chances to participate in decision-making processes?" focuses on possible positive and negative effects of GM on positive action programs of women in areas with an existing gender gap in decision making positions and describes positive and negative general setups for the implementation of GM in women's NGOs and European Cities.

More details about the project:

Chances for Women in Decision Making Processes
In the context of the project "Sister Cities Going Gender" the Information Centre against Violence is going to draft an expertise on GM with the critical view of a women's NGO towards GM.

Information Centre against Violence
The Information Centre against Violence in association with the Austrian Women's Shelter Network is the only NGO within the project "Sister Cities Going Gender" and therefore has the possibility to survey the eight municipalities within the project and other women's NGOs in the participating cities about their estimates, expectations, fears and effects concerning GM. The Information Centre works in the field of violence prevention (violence against women and children, domestic violence). The emergency service provides information for different target groups (victims, their neighbours, journalists, pupils, students, teachers, institutions, politicians, etc.).

The Information Centre against Violence is going to deal with the following questions:

  • What are the positive and negative basic conditions during the implementation of GM in European cities?
  • Is the promotion of women's equality endangered, reduced or do women and women's organisations benefit through GM?
  • What happened so far concerning the promotion of women's equality and what is essential to do immediately?
  • What kind of improvements concerning the promotion of women's equality is more apparent/visible due to GM? Are there rigorous improvements?
  • Chances and risks concerning the formation of a European competence centre
  • The part of the municipalities concerning the implementation of GM-policies and Genderbudget (genderneutral, partiality does not exist…)

Target groups
The target groups of our project are women's NGOs, the municipality of Vienna as well as women's NGOs and the municipalities of the other participating cities.

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