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Final Product

The different phases of the project:

1st meeting / goal: define the contents of the fields to take into account in the research

  • Find towns which have concrete experience in the field of equality policies
  • Establish efficient policies carried out at national level, or other bodies such as political parties etc.
  • Questionnaire
  • Drafting of replies by F. Gaspard

2nd meeting, spring 2004 / essential theme: debate on the replies to the questionnaire received and proposals for the methodology by F. Gaspard

  • Continuation of the research by F. Gaspard to expand the data of the methodology
  • Preparation of theFinal Results
  • Final Results with "Sister Cities Going Gender" to launch the implemented methodology

  Final Results: "Equality in European Towns" & " Sister Cities Going Gender": Launch of the methodology for equality in European towns

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