Schedule of Activities

Schedule of Activities of the Project "Sister Cities Going Gender" >December, 1st 2003 - February, 28th 2005<

December 2003
Start of the project "Sister Cities Going Gender"

December 2003
Participation at the Work Seminar of "Equality in European local and regional authorities", CEMR in Brussels

January, 22nd-23rd 2004
Kick-off in Frankfurt/Main with all the partner cities participating in "Sister Cities Going Gender"

January - April 2004
Setting up of a project structure for the local projects in the cities involved

February 2004
Beginning project evaluation and monitoring

January - May 2004
Establishing a European Competence Centre for Gender Mainstreaming

March - June 2004
Setting up a homepage of "Sister Cities Going Gender"

March - October 2004
Realisation of the local projects
- First steps towards the development of a model procedure for the implementation of GM in European cities (Frankfurt a. Main)
- Gender budgeting in the area of community youth policy (Rotterdam)
- Empowerments trainings for women in politics and administration (Venice)
- Beyond the glass Ceiling"- Analysis of the mechanisms of the glass ceiling phenomenon within organisations in the administration, the profit and the non- profit sector (Turin)
- Gender Budgeting in selected community programmes (Rome)
- Expertise: Does GM improve the chances of women to equally participate in decision- making procedures? (AOEF, Vienna)
- Development of Equality-methods according to good practice in European cities (CEMR, Paris)

May 6th-7th 2004
Participation at the work seminar of "Equality in European Local and Regional Authorities", CEMR, Paris

June 3rd-4th 2004
Work meeting of "Sister Cities Going Gender" in Venice with all the partner cities
- Transnational exchange about the status quo of and the experience with the local projects
- Status quo of the development of products from the local projects
- Agreement on the format of the products

September - December 2004
Dissemination of the results of the local projects at a local level
- Members of the Magistrate; members of parliament; Heads of departments (Frankfurt/Main)
- Heads of Department of the relevant authorities for Budgeting in the area of youth policy, conducting an expert meeting with transnational participation (Rotterdam)
- Mayors, Members of Departments, experts on budgeting in politics and administration (Rome)
- Leading figures in human resources (Venice, Turin)
- Leading figures in politics and administration, relevant local agents in NGOs (Vienna)

November 4th-5th 2004
Work meeting of all the partner cities involved in "Sister Cities Going Gender" in Rotterdam
- First products will be finished.
- Preparation of the presentation of results and products of "Sister Cities Going Gender" at theFinal Results of "Equality European Local and Regional Authorities", CEMR, Brussels

February 2005
Presentation and dissemination of the results of "Sister Cities Going Gender" at theFinal Results of "Equality European Local and Regional Authorities", CEMR, Brussels

February 2005
Finishing all project products

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