About the Project "Sister Cities Going Gender"

European Network: Sister Cities Going Gender

Sister Cities Going Gender" is a network of six European cities and two NGOs as partners. Its goal is to diminish the existing gender gap in administrative and political processes of decision-making. The project partners are developing innovative local pilot projects in the field of Gender Mainstreaming (GM). On the basis of the Amsterdam treatise the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming is seen as an effective strategy for the improvement of equal opportunities for women and men.

Transnational Exchange

A transnational experience exchange and cooperation shall lead to the long-term goal of setting up a European Centre of Competence in the field of Gender Mainstreaming. In order to decrease the existing gender gap in decision making structures the Centre of Competence intends to support other European cities in employing the strategy of Gender Mainstreaming. The project takes into account the different levels in the implementation processes of Gender Mainstreaming in Europe. Northern European cities and a few cities in Western European countries have longstanding experience in this field. Cities in central, eastern and southern Europe are just beginning to implement Gender Mainstreaming in municipal politics and administrations.

Participating Cities and Partners

Frankfurt (Germany) - CEMR, Paris (France) - Rome (Italy) - Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Turin (Italy), Venice (Italy) - AÖF, Vienna (Austria).

The Project is supported financially by the "5th Community Action Program for Equality between Men and Women" of the European Union ("Balanced participation of women and men in decision making processes") with an amount of Euro 314.215,00. Duration of the Project: 1st of Dec. 2003 till 28th of Feb. 2005.


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