Partner Cities

"Sister Cities Going Gender" works in cooperation with six European cities and partners: Frankfurt (Germany), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Turin (Italy), Venice (Italy), Verein Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser, AÖF, Vienna (Austria). Additional cities, especially from northern Europe (Sweden, Finland) are going to be recruited for a transfer during the project. In order to establish a European Competence Center, the participation of further cities with more experience in Gender Mainstreaming is planned. These cities can transfer their results with regard to an equal participation of both genders in decision-making structures into the transnational context of "Sister Cities Going Gender". In order to optimize the effectiveness and the European increase in value, a partnership was established with the project " Equality in European Towns" of Council of European Municipalities (CEMR).

Responsibilities and Contributions of the Partners

- City of Frankfurt/ Main, Frauenreferat
Role: Project Coordinator
Function: Conducting a Model Procedure for the Implementation of GM in Cities / Organization of the Kick-Off Conference in Frankfurt January, 23rd - 24th 2004

- City of Rotterdam, GGD - Gemeentelijke Gezondheits Dienst
Role: Project Partner
Function: Changing youth policy through Gender Budget /Organization of a working meeting in November, 4th - 5th 2004

- Comune di Venezia, International Relations and Community Policies Department
Role: Project Partner
Function: Empowerment Trainings for Women in Administration and Politics / Organization of a working meeting in June, 3th - 4th 2004

- City of Torino
Role: Project Partner
Function: Gender specific Selection Processes and Careerplanning

- City of Rom, Commission of Equal Opportunity
Role: Project Partner
Function: Monitoring the organization of internal policies with respect with three different items, e.g. Gender Budget

- Council of European Municipalities and Regions CEMR
Role: Project Partner
Function: "Equality in European Towns" / Organization of theFinal Results of CEMR in Brussels

- Verein autonome österreichische Frauenhäuser AÖF
Role: Project Partner
Function: Conducting an expertise

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