Local Project: "Women's Presence in Public Sphere"

The local project "Women's Presence in Public Sphere" focus on empowerment trainings for women in community administrations and politics to increase the number of women in leading positions and to reinforce women's political presence.

More details about the project:

Aims of the project:

- an increase in the presence of women and in the importance of gender cultures in key positions of political and administrative life of their respective countries and of their own towns/cities.
- Development of the professional competence of women with regard to management of the public sphere, trough a greater understanding both of political topics and of administrative processes.

Target Groups: women with secondary school degree

Results to be expected: promotion of training courses focussing on the improvement and reinforcing of women's political presence and on their empowerment in Public administrations.

Contribution of the project to the focus on "balanced participation of women and men in decision-making processes":

- to find suitable means of action to build up force and power for women in the institutions and all over the territory and
- to indicate the real possibilities of introducing existing forces into the public political circuit.

Products for transnational transfer: transfer of training module

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