Local Project: "Model Procedure for Implementing Gender Mainstreaming in European Cities, while taking into account the current restraint financial Situation in European cities"

The process of implementing Gender Mainstreaming in the City of Frankfurt started in January 2002 by establishing a (female/male) Gender Team at the Department for Women's Issues of the City of Frankfurt. In order to give direction to the process of implementation, so far, a strategic plan has been developed and published by the Gender Team, kickoff events were organized within the different committees of the Cities parliament and a first step has been taken to add the gender dimension to the City's budget plan for 2005 and 2006.

More about the Project:

In order to follow up the process of implementation of Gender Mainstreaming in Frankfurt a scientific research was established (see: "Gender Mainstreaming in Frankfurt" and "Project Activities"). In order to share its experiences with the partner cities of Sister Cities Going Gender and other European cities the City of Frankfurt will publish the results of this scientific research. Frankfurt is the city of the European Central Bank and Frankfurt Airport is an important gate for visitors and business people coming to Europe from all over the world. The citizens are very proud their city has an European importance and an European image. In order to be accepted more deeply the implementation process of Gender Mainstreaming should have an European touch. Due to this insight - and knowing how important international experience exchange may be while organizing a reform process - the idea was born to set up a European Cities Project on Gender Mainstreaming: Sister Cities Going Gender.

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