The intro of the website "Sister Cities Going Gender" doesn't contain any text. So we try to describe how the logical construction of the "Welcome-page" looks like.

At the top under the logoof the European flag at the left hand side and the logo of the gender mainstreaming (GM) project "Sister Cities Going Gender" in the central position we find the seven hyperlinks to the local project of the cities Frankfurt, Rome, Rotterdam, Turino, Venice and the organizations 'Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)' in Paris and the 'Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser' (AÖF) in Vienna.

After the commands for the printversion of the current page and the sitemap, the menu of navigation is situated. From top to down six menupoints are listed.

1. 'About the project' is self-descriptive.

2. 'Activities' gives a general survey of the local projects of the cities and the transnational exchange.

3. 'Partners' shows a summary of all participants and their responsibilities and contributions.

4. 'Schedule' summarizes all tasks for each city-partner in a temporal scheme.

5. 'Contacts' shows you at a glance how to reach per mail, telephone, telefax, E-mail, internet each sister city.

6. 'Links' helps you to get more informations about the subject 'gender mainstreaming'.We will thank you for all "links" which complete this list. Please send an E-mail to the office in Frankfurt.

The dominant eye-catcher of this page forms a kind of memory-game. Seven "cards" represent in the shape of hiraldic figures the seven cities or organizations, seven others try to describe in few words the idea of their local project. With a mouse-over effect you could realize immediately which project belongs to the city and vice-verse. Simultaneously they have the function of a hyperlink to the description of the local project of the city which you reach with a click of the "mouse" or the command on your key-board.

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