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Gender Mainstreaming in the City of Vienna

In 2000 a strategy document for Vienna has been adopted - along the lines of the GM-definition of the Council of Europe - which integrates equality orientated questions in all processes of city planning and decision-making within the communal policies. All local government politics are therefore requested to register and evaluate gender-related data. Already existing data - for instance about the different appropriation of public area by men and women - should be included routinely into all decisions. If the conditions of residence and place of work, possibilities for mobility, social and cultural infrastructure are yet not sufficiently gender-related registered, it will be accelerated in the future.

The resolution is related to the whole town: there are different projects about transport planning, creation and designing of free space and public parks, creation and designing of residential areas and public places, as well as health and school policies.

The city of Vienna has already had an evaluation concerning GM, within the next weeks this report will be released. Our project proposes a new approach because we are not integrated within the municipality. We would like to evaluate how GM affects women's NGOs and how GM is affecting the promotion of women's equality (positive and/or negative).

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