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GM in Venice

The City of Venice Department for Equal Opportunities has existed since the 80's, even before having applied the law on Equal Opportunities.

The Department's role for almost 30 years has been that of local dissemination and support of the laws giving equal opportunities to women. The department - through the creation of services - has identified some spaces, not only physical ones, where women of the city and institutions could meet, to exchange ideas, know-how, culture, for a widespread dissemination of equal opportunities aimed at the empowerment of women's presence in decision making.

The women's library, created in the 80's, collects about 12000 books written by women or regarding women's themes and is also a space for planning cultural activities such as presentation of books, seminars, etc.

The anti-violence centre, created in the 90's, is a service for women temporarily in difficulty due to ill-treatment, physical and sexual violence problems. It also has a hospitality house, that is a protected shelter for women and children in flight.

The women's observatory, set up in the 90's, has a national observatory on the city time (Italian law). It is a service sustaining the visibility of initiatives, supporting projects research and identifying networks.

The front office for women at work has been created in the 2000's in cooperation with the Work Department of the Province of Venice and is addressed to women out of job market or looking for their first employment.

The multicultural service, created in the 2000's inside the women's library, offers to foreign women a series of magazines and newspapers in foreign languages and an internet point for the connection with radio and television of their country of origin in various languages.

All these services and activities are financed by the annual budget of the public authority.

International projects section:

The Department has dealt with European projects within the sphere of Equal opportunities for many years.
It has managed projects for women's enterprises. It is a member of the "Women" network, foreseen by the network "Donne del mediterraneo e dei balcani " (Mediterranean and Balcan women), through which the Dept. has opened some women and anti-violence centres in the cities of Algeri, Sarajevo, etc.

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