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Short overview of the history of gender mainstreaming in the city of Rotterdam

beginning of the eighties - the start
A staff bureau with about 8 civil servants was created and they initiated and implemented emancipation policy.

half eighties - redirection
The bureau was dismantled, because they had started to function as the excuse for the departments to do nothing. One civil servant was appointed to stimulate and monitor emancipation within the 25 departments of the city. Every department had an emancipation contact person.

beginning of nineties
Every department had to monitor their own emancipation policies through regular emancipation reports.

half nineties
The emancipation reports disappeared and the contact persons as well.

A plan was made to reestablish the contact persons emancipation in and the regular reports on emancipation of the departments.

The alderwomen emancipation resigned. The acceptance of the new plan has to wait till a new alderperson has been appointed.

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